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Posted 7 June, 2016 — Press

Faradion is hiring!

Faradion Battery Development Technician Faradion Battery Materials Lab Assistant Faradion Cell Build & Equipment Maintenance Engineer

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Posted 22 March, 2016 — Press

£38 million fund will use F1 technology to design greener cars

Winners of government competition will develop ideas to cut vehicle emissions and help plug-in cars drive further. Formula 1 (F1) technology could soon make family cars […]

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Posted 1 March, 2016 — Press

Faradion, Moixa Technology and Warwick University to develop sodium-ion battery technology for solar storage

Partnership will see three stakeholders develop battery technology for solar energy storage Affordability of sodium-ion technology makes solar energy storage more accessible Solar energy storage […]

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Posted 1 March, 2016 — Press

Sodium battery technology to be commercialised -Faradion partners with AGM Batteries

Joint R&D partnership aims to bring sodium-ion batteries to market Innovative Faradion technology will be developed at AGM Batteries’ facility in Caithness Sodium-ion batteries could […]

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Posted 18 September, 2015 — Press

Sodium technology could make transporting more than three billion batteries cheaper and easier

Transporting batteries would become easier and cheaper if they were sodium-ion rather than lithium-ion More than three billion lithium-ion batteries are transported by air every […]

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