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Faradion was founded in 2011 to develop sodium-ion technology and to bring it to market.

Faradion was the first company of the new Millennium to identify and exploit the potential of sodium ions in a rechargeable battery.  With more patents in this area than competing Na-ion companies, Faradion can cement it’s position as market leader of non-aqueous sodium-ion batteries.

We have an extensive IP portfolio as well as the people, investors and partners to take advantage of a wealth of business opportunities.

Our sodium-ion batteries are recognised as an emergent technology and a key part of the solution for cheaper, cleaner energy.  They are cheaper and safer than lithium-ion, with a higher energy density and a wider operating temperature range than other batteries

Our licensees and partners are now manufacturing our sodium-ion batteries to demonstrate the cost, safety and performance advantages of our technology in real-world applications.

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Faradion was started in 2011 to develop and bring to market sodium-ion technology.

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Meet the people who are in charge of and implementing our vision at Faradion.

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Intellectual Property

Faradion has developed a strategic, wide-reaching and extensive IP portfolio to cover numerous aspects of the Na-ion technology.

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We work with a variety of investors, who are helping us to achieve our vision.

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Faradion is working on collaborative projects with several world-leading companies and institutions.

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All the latest news from Faradion and the technology space we work in.

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