Transport Applications

Sodium-ion cells

Our sodium-ion cells are an excellent drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries for low cost electric transport – in LSEVs, e-scooters or as batteries for e-rickshaws and e-bikes – offering much greater range and carrying capacity for a similar price.

They also have potential for the S-L-I (starter-lighting-ignition) 12V battery or the 48V battery in a MHEV (mild hybrid electric vehicle). This is because Na-ion has higher energy density than lead acid batteries, as well as improved performance over a wide temperature range.



Faradion is working with others to demonstrate the use of Na-ion batteries in vehicle applications on the Innovate UK funded projects Sodium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Sodium-ion Batteries for Automotive Power Applications.

We demonstrated the world’s first sodium-ion battery powered vehicle when we launched our e-bike battery demonstrator in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering and Oxford University.


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