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Posted 5 December, 2022 — Uncategorized

First Faradion battery installed in Australia

Nation Energie sodium-ion battery

We are pleased that the successful installation of first Faradion’s sodium-ion battery at a trail site in Yarra Valley in New South Wales, Australia was completed a few days ago.

This has been made possible by Nation Energie, proudly Australian with roots in world-leading UK technology. Nation Energie was established in 2021 as a joint venture between ICM Investments and Faradion.

Faradion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries, a Fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in India.

We are pleased that through this joint venture, Faradion is able to lead the charge beyond lithium and bring our market-leading Na-ion battery technology to commercial, residential and industrial ventures across Australia and beyond.


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