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Posted 8 November, 2016 — Press

Latest Intellectual Property (IP) Updates

Doped Nickelate Compound (China) (Granted) CN2013800363653 Metal Containing Compound (Japan) (Published) JP2015-544527 Sulfate Electrodes (Japan) (Published) JP2014-555309 Doped Nickelate Compounds (Europe) (Granted) EP13739254.4 Doped Nickelates Sodium (Europe) (Granted) EP13739252.8 Doped […]

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Posted 17 October, 2016 — Press

Faradion is pleased to announce new appointments

New Appointments have been announced by Faradion. Faradion is pleased to announce the appointment of Ieuan Colebrook (Chemical Engineering, University of Sheffield), Jeremy Podgorski (Mechanical […]

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Posted 7 June, 2016 — Press

Faradion is hiring!

Faradion Battery Development Technician Faradion Battery Materials Lab Assistant Faradion Cell Build & Equipment Maintenance Engineer

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Posted 22 March, 2016 — Press

£38 million fund will use F1 technology to design greener cars

Winners of government competition will develop ideas to cut vehicle emissions and help plug-in cars drive further. Formula 1 (F1) technology could soon make family cars […]

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Posted 1 March, 2016 — Press

Faradion, Moixa Technology and Warwick University to develop sodium-ion battery technology for solar storage

Partnership will see three stakeholders develop battery technology for solar energy storage Affordability of sodium-ion technology makes solar energy storage more accessible Solar energy storage […]

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Posted 1 March, 2016 — Press

Sodium battery technology to be commercialised -Faradion partners with AGM Batteries

Joint R&D partnership aims to bring sodium-ion batteries to market Innovative Faradion technology will be developed at AGM Batteries’ facility in Caithness Sodium-ion batteries could […]

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Posted 18 September, 2015 — Press

Sodium technology could make transporting more than three billion batteries cheaper and easier

Transporting batteries would become easier and cheaper if they were sodium-ion rather than lithium-ion More than three billion lithium-ion batteries are transported by air every […]

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